Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver Information

COVID19 Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver Instructions

To complete the Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver process, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Employees MUST enroll in the course by the Census Date: January 23, 2023 for Spring 2023.
  2. **TO AVOID CANCELLATION submit your tuition waiver online notification by the due date December 6, 2022 for Spring. The notification is found at: Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver Online Notification.
    • This serves as notification to us of your INTENT to file a complete and signed paper waiver. It only holds your schedule from cancellation.
    • Charges will not be removed from your account until we have received the paper waiver in step 2.
  3. Tuition and Fees will be waived for only the course(s) listed on the waiver. All changes to course schedules must be submitted on a Corrected Tuition Waiver Application. You will be charged Tuition and Fees for any courses not listed on an approved tuition waiver application.
  4. Submit your completed Faculty and Staff Tuition/Fee Waiver Form by January 23, 2023 for Spring 2023. For rules, regulations, and the tuition waiver form, please visit Waiver Regulations.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR BILLING STATEMENT TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT BILLED FOR HEALTH INSURANCE. If applicable, you may need to waive the Student Health Insurance or else you may be billed for insurance coverage that you might already have. For more information regarding Student Health Insurance, please visit go.ncsu.edu/insurance.

Make sure you have made copies for your files before submitting the form.

PLEASE NOTE: Students registering for the first time during the late registration period for Spring 2023 are subject to a $100 late registration fee. Late registration begins on November 16, 2022. For more information about late registration, please view go.ncsu.edu/late.

Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver – Employee tuition waivers are considered a benefit of employment and costs incurred as a result of using a waiver or failure to submit a timely waiver are not appealable.

**DISCLAIMER: It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that their completed and signed tuition waiver is submitted to the Cashier’s Office by the deadline. Tuition waivers cannot be accepted after the deadline or processed retroactively.