Check Acceptance Procedures

Payments Received by Check


Payments sent to the University must be payable in US Dollars, by means of a check drawn on a US bank, US Postal Order, or a Cashier’s Check drawn on a US bank.

Checks issued by foreign banks are not acceptable even though they may be noted “payable in US funds”. A foreign bank check does not have an American Banking Association (ABA) routing number or a standardized account number structure and therefore cannot be cleared through the Federal Reserve Bank System. Any non U.S. check would have to be manually processed by our depository bank and would be subject to a processing fee and a delay of several weeks to clear.

The numerical amount on the face of the check should match the written amount. Banks cash checks based on the written amount and not the numerical amount.

Due to the high volume of checks being processed, the Cashier’s office is requesting that supplemental sheets accompany each deposit. The supplemental sheet will include the name on the check, (payee) the check number, the check date and the written check amount. The supplemental sheets will be supporting documentation for auditing purposes.

All checks must be made payable to NC State University and or the specific department.

The most efficient and cost-effective way to receive payments from foreign sources is by credit card, or wire transfer.

The University Cashier’s Office does not accept Third Party checks, for departmental deposits.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is very easy and convenient when both the department and the company/bank making the payment follow all the steps and provide the information requested.

Wire Payment Instructions